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PERSE project opens a call for individuals and team

Are you an education or creative worker in one of these fields?

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Arts

At PERSE we believe in creative thinking as a tool of empowerment for young people and local communities. So we invite you to take part in our hackathon that will be organised online – from 4th to 6th November – in 4 European countries: Italy, Greece, Portugal and France.

The main objective is to experiment with the creation of new educational modules that combine Art-based learning + Inquiry science based learning + Technology-based learning.

At the end of the three days, 4 projects will be selected to be developed in collaboration with PERSE team.

Who are we searching for?

Educators, teachers, museum staff, non profit organisations, artists, scientists, tech experts.

What can you expect from the participation in the PERSE Hackathon?

  • Meeting like-minded people and getting meaningful feedback on your ideas 
  • Developing your own project under the guidance of experienced youth workers and tutors.
  • Pitching your project idea and connecting with people that are actually interested in joining and / or supporting your cause / project.
  • Professional networking by creating an account on PERSE Hub of Ideas, an international platform conceived to match education professionals and organisations with a creative pedagogical approach.
  • Working on issues related to your project idea and explore solutions by reuniting different participants with varied backgrounds, exchange of skills and insights.
  • Gaining a unique chance to travel to Torino with the project team and present your project to the European stakeholders during PERSE final event in February 2023.



And get prepared to the 3 days Hackathon!  

DAY 01


-) Introduction – Info session (main themes, guidelines, rules, prize, get-to-know-the-jury, etc.)

-) Team working session (get-to-know your team / select thematic)


-) Info session on creating laboratory path – insights from the working team | Q&A with mentors


-) Lunch break


-) Team working session (schedule workload, break-down modules, define methodology and tools, etc.)


-) Round of first impressions in plenary | Temperature check


-) End of official working day

DAY 02


-) Plenary presentation from participants (selected themes and main methodological tools)  


-) FAQs session on laboratory paths and tools | Progress check

12:00 – 14:30

-) Team working session(s) in break out rooms

14:30 – 15:30

-) Break

15:30 – 18:00

-) Final team working session(s) in break out rooms

DAY 03


-) Plenary presentation of laboratory paths  


-) Good bye and next steps

For any further information, feel free to ask to info@perse-method.org