The Casa da Imagem, operating since September 2012, is a cultural space for artistic practice and education dedicated to image research.

Its mission is to act as a diffusion center between art and community, while at the same time it aims to be a place for learning, reflection, production and sharing of the senses that the person builds in his relationship with the world through the image.

Casa da Imagem belongs to the Manuel Leão Foundation, a non-profit private institution of public interest. Since January 1996, the Manuel Leão Foundation has been operating in Vila Nova de Gaia, with the main purposes of promoting the public good in the fields of education, culture, art and socio-charitable action. This House is a space for education and artistic practices, following the two major areas of action of the Manuel Leão Foundation, education and art.

The Casa da Imagem team is currently made up of two coordinators and has the occasional collaboration of artists and professionals from the cultural sector to carry out their actions.

If you have any queries, would like to write an article about our work or visit the Museum, please contact us at