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 The results of the European project Narcissus Meets Pandora will be presented and discussed on August 22nd in the Greek capital with the presence of the cultural centre Casa da Imagem from Vila Nova de Gaia.

Given the chaos of information and content that we constantly face on the Internet, there are increasing concerns about the digital skills, or lack thereof, of the younger generation. The way young people relate and interact with social media is, thus, the initial motto for the exhibition that seeks to promote digital spaces as a stage for debate and social awareness.  The event will feature the work developed together with the cultural organisation Cultureghem from Brussels, the National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens, Documenta Creaciones Multimedia Avanzadas from Barcelona, the foundation Stichting The European Regional Council Of Insea from the Netherlands and the Faculdade de Psicologia e Ciências da Educação of the University of Porto.

Casa da Imagem worked with high school and university students from the Porto area and users of CERCI São João da Madeira to create the portraits that will be exhibited in the Hellenic museum. They will also be joined by images produced by young refugees and emigrants in Greece and Belgium and students from Valencia. 

On the inauguration day, a conference will take place with the participation of speakers from the various partner countries to reflect on the overall theme of the project that aims to stimulate the critical participation of adolescents and young people in social media, promoting their capacity for reflection and expression, along with their social involvement.