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It is next Sunday, November 27, at 16h the inauguration of “Ovar in the photography of Teófilo Rego” at Casa Museu Júlio Dinis in Ovar.

The pictures portray an Ovar of another time, but always faithful to its sea and Carnival traditions. Based on the personal images of Teófilo Rego exhibited in the Casa Museu, a dialogue will be established between the experiences of the photographer from Oporto and Júlio Dinis, who, despite living in different centuries, trailed and described very similar paths, one with the pen and the other with the camera.

Teófilo Rego was a lover of the photographic art. As a professional, he was one of the greatest national photographers to represent Portuguese industry, focusing on Northern Portugal. Alongside his intense commercial activity, for over 50 years Teófilo Rego recorded his places and his personal images, which allow us to review the country’s second half of the 20th century.

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Free entry
Info [email protected] | 256 581 378
Opening hours Tuesday to Saturday 09h30-12h30 / 14h00-17h00
Exhibition open to the public until April 8th

More information: https://casa.fmleao.pt/portfolio/ovar-na-fotografia-de-teofilo-rego/