The Museu Casa da Imagem (House of Image Museum) is a Museum of stories and practices. Its body is composed of devices to view, create, play, record and capture, display, disclose and experience images. It is stated in constant dialogue with the history and narratives of the oral tradition, walking between coincidences, facts and reveries. Traverses the origin and evolution of the image through the paths of myth, religion and traditions, the culture, the arts and the sciences.

Based on the Archive "Teófilo Rego - Photo Comercial", which brings together 50 years of photographic work and a collection of optical devices, cameras and camcorders, the Museum connects the stories of the images to devices that accompany them.In the manner of Curiosity Cabinets, the rooms and guestrooms of this house accomodate a multitude of fascinating objects, arranged according to categories of eclectic nature, systematically and speculatively. Invite the public, curious traveler to the discovery, experimentation and rewriting of the image shared stories.

The exhibits of the Museu Casa da Imagem have a permanent, temporary and sporadic basis. Em permanência, mostram-se objetos e imagens incontornáveis na História da Fotografia e da Imagem em Movimento. Temporariamente, recebem-se interpretações museológicas e projetos artísticos ligados ao corpo do Museu, fazendo surgir propostas que, pelo seu carácter periférico, desvendem aproximações e relações com o anteriormente conhecido. O Museu, também reserva espaço para intervenções esporádicas, abrindo-se à ação direta e reflexiva do público.

The Museum has the primary goal to unravel and recreate the image production's mysteries through games and ludic devices, enhancing its ability to enchant and question the human relationship with technology. Conceiving a moving and changing exhibition body, the Museum will open to thought and discussion of other issues and concepts that can be convened from there.