Why should you support us?

The CCI is part of an integrated project which includes several approaches to learning and creating in the framework of the contemporary development of artistic education. The CCI hopes to assert itself as an important element of Vila Nova de Gaia’s cultural context and to be able to expand to other places within and outside of Portugal. The CCI is part of the Fundação Manuel Leão, an entity with public interest status, that has been developing several projects on the relationship between art, the community and research in education.

Your support is essential in allowing the Casa da Imagem to develop and grow.

The CCI is an artistic and educational center dedicated to experimentation and reflection on the subject of learning about art and culture. Our work takes place in an environment of cultural understanding with the community of Vila Nova de Gaia and this has allowed us to play a part in the city’s development when it comes to education, art and citizenship. By becoming a Friend of the CCI you are helping a new and ambitious project. The CCI will be a meeting point for several social groups, for people of different generations, with multiple interests and varied personal and professional commitments. They will ensure that the dynamic is one of multiplicity and tolerance, so that learning can take place in a rich, productive and contemporary fashion.

The CCI organizes activities during the whole year.
Your support is vital in order for this artistic and educational project to be possible:

  • Individually, through a donation, by enrolling as a Friend or by participating as a volunteer;
  • As a company, by becoming a patron and therefore by making room for sharing resources and services;
  • As an institution, through a donation or by an interest in developing cooperation projects.