Friends of the CCI

The Casa da Imagem (CCI) [Contemporary House of Image] trusts your generosity. Your donation or the money you spend will help us develop artistic and educational programmes and it will ensure that we are able to maintain this center for cultural development in Vila Nova de Gaia. You can keep up with the activities we organize with your contribution through our website. We guarantee that our reporting is done with the utmost transparency.

40 € / year

20 € / year

  • Free Access to exhibitions at the CCI’s Gallery;
  • 10% off every book published by Fundação Manuel Leão;
  • 10% off every activity at CCI (with the exception of Cai Cai workshop);
  • 10% off for every child in the family workshops;
  • Periodical information and invitations for the events and the educational activities that take place at CCI


The support of institutions is essential for the development of projects at CCI. We need your support to finance our artistic and educational activities and we also need your help when it comes to cooperation opportunities and sharing resources.

We are open to agreements concerning trading services and spaces and integrating trainees or volunteers in specific projects, events and tasks. We are also open to designing special access benefits to activities at CCI for any Institution’s employees.



The CCI gives your company the opportunity to become its principal patron for a whole year, offering you a set of benefits and privileged access to its working and performing areas. We will endeavour to meet your business goals and your commendable contribution will be justly acknowledged.


By supporting particular activities at the CCI, you will allow us to carry out educational projects aimed at specific groups: a workshop for preschool and primary school children; seasonal workshops for children and youngsters; annual workshops for young people, adults and schools; teachers training; timely workshops for adults (specialized or undifferentiated audiences) and for families. We can work together in order to develop projects with responsible goals which could then be supported for one or more years. Your company will greatly benefit from all that the CCI and the Fundação Manuel Leão have to offer.


By becoming a patron of artistic activities and events you can contribute to projects involved in the cultural development of your region, thus allowing groups of students as well as the general public to experience new things, to reflect and to build knowledge.


Casa da Imagem - Fundação Manuel Leão

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