Social Communication
The Casa da Imagem (CI) [House of Image], Vila Nova de Gaia’s new Museum, is a center for artistic education open to the community. It was designed to be a place where, through artistic experimentation, people can learn, reflect, generate and share perspectives concerning the relationship between the individual and the world.
We understand education as an activity which favors the appropriation of these perspectives and which encourages processes of self- and community learning, based on the notions of gift and reciprocity and on interprofessional and intercultural relationships.
We understand art as a broad concept which comprises the specific dimension of artistic production as well as the cultural sphere.
The artistic education at the CCI centers on the close relationship between experience, artistic and cultural promotion and the educational service.
We will encourage people to explore the relationship between the artistic and the educational standpoints in terms of their own experiences and expectations.
The Museu Casa da Imagem [Museum of the House of Image] will be a space for reflecting about the image, exploring both the material perspective, associated with capturing an image, and the social and historical approach. This will be a space for exhibiting stories about the image, where we will generate narratives about recording and creating images.
One of our goals is to unveil, through entertaining games and animations, the mystery associated with capturing and creating images only to begin looking for new enigmas.
The Museum also includes the photographic estate of Teófilo Rego, which comprises his photographic work and technical and studio equipment that he used or that belonged to his collection.